Two New “Must-Have” Books Available Only to JBS Members! – JUSSI by Jacob Forsell – JUSSI BJÖRLING PHONOGRAPHY

Hear! Hear!

Announcing the availability of two books from the Jussi Björling Society-USA. Please note –
both are available in very limited quantities, and availability is only to members of the Society.
Ordering instructions are included in the descriptions below:


Jussi by Jacob Forsell

JUSSI by Jacob Forsell, Harald Henrysson and Bjorn Ranelid is now available with English captions!

Jacob Forsell, Harald Henrysson and Bjorn Ranelid have combined to produce a beautiful, richly illustrated picture-portrait of the life and career of Jussi Björling. This splendid book, previously sold at $75 US (plus postage) is now available to members in the continental US for only $50, postpaid.

The enclosed CD-ROM contains Jussi’s complete chronology in both Swedish and English. This unique resource has not been published anywhere else. (HH)

The book is published in Swedish, but a translation of the picture captions is available on the JBS web site as a PDF and can be printed off to accompany the book. Please send your check for $50 US to Janel Lundgren and include your shipping information. We have very few copies of this title available, so please speak up! $50 postpaid

PDF of the Translated Picture Captions – Free Bonus! Click Here to Download


A JUSSI BJÖRLING PHONOGRAPHY, by Harald Henrysson, 3rd print edition” is a 309-page printed version of the list of Jussi’s recordings and their CD and DVD issues, which has been available on the websites of the Jussi Björling Museum (since October 2011) and later of the Jussi Björling Society (Jussi Björlingsällskapet). It was again revised before printing in May 2014.

The book lists all Björling recordings today known to be preserved, and it seems unlikely that many more will be found in the future. Nine live recordings have been added since the 2nd edition was published in 1993, and information about some of the earlier known ones is now more complete.

This edition includes information about 1328 issues on CD and 21 on DVD (unlike the 2nd edition, sleeve titles are retained after the numbers also in the chronological part, which makes the issues easier to identify there).

An index of the recorded music is included, as well as a list of music in Jussi’s concert repertoire of which no recordings are known.

On the web, I hope to expand the JB Phonography to include also other (analogue) media: 78s,LPs, etc., but due to its size, I am not planning to produce a printed version.

The 3rd edition is printed in 100 copies only. It makes the information available to those who are not familiar with computers, and a printed version can be practical also for those who have the information available on the web. (Harald Henrysson)I $40 postpaid


You may order one copy of each book for $85.00 postpaid (continental USA only).

Please send checks to:

Janel Lundgren, Treasurer
The Jussi Björling Society – USA
21 Josiah Norton Rd
Cape Neddick, Maine 03902

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